About Journal

International Journal of Scientific Footprints IJSF is an open access, peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal which aims to facilitate the researchers in disseminating the outcome of their research and new advancements in scientific research and publishes quarterly. The journal seeks to publish quality articles dealing with Agricultural and Social sciences.

IJSF welcomes submission of manuscripts that meet general criteria of importance and scientific excellence. The manuscripts will be published online depending on the time taken by the reviewers after acceptance. The contributors are requested to please read the Guidelines for Submission before submitting manuscript. In either ways we always try to facilitate our valuable contributors by publishing their research in the shortest possible time span.

Publication Process

The publication process of IJSF is rapid. Soon after receiving the manuscript, an acknowledgment receipt is sent to the corresponding author within 24 hours. The manuscript is desk reviewed to verify its relevance with IJSF’s scope. If the manuscript dos’nt fall into the scope of the journal, it is rejected. Once this process is completed the manuscript is sent to the reviewers for peer reviewing. If improvements are suggested by the reviewer(s), the comments are communicated to the corresponding author of the manuscript. The improved version received it is then reviewed by journal’s own reviewing committee. The page proofs, before final acceptance are sent to the corresponding author for final approval. Major changes are not accepted in page proof phase. The whole process takes 8-12 weeks, depending upon the author’s response in case of improvements are required in the manuscript.

Creative Commons License
International Journal of Scientific Footprints is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.