Agricultural Sciences

The discourse of Agricultural Science is connected with use of land resources throughout the world. International Journal of Scientific Footprints (IJSF) publishes research work concerned with the advancement of agriculture. IJSF deals with original scientific work associated with strategic and applied studies in all aspects of agricultural science and exploited species. IJSF also publishes scholarly reviews on scientific topics of current agricultural relevance.


Specific topics of interest include (but are not confined to): all aspects of crop and animal physiology, the scientific underpinning of Agronomy, modeling of crop systems, Animal Husbandry and animal systems, Agricultural Engineering and solutions, land use techniques, climate change and environmental impacts on Agriculture and Forestry, importance of Rural Biodiversity, Agricultural Economics including Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis. The journal also publishes book reviews and letters in agriculture science field.

(Picture Credit: Pennsylvania State University Website)