January – June 2019

[Article Number: SF-2019-90]

Arshad Mehmood Malik

Market Competitiveness and Citrus Export Of Pakistan

[Article Number: SF-2019-91]

Zubia Rashied

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment, Remittances and Government Expenditures on the Economic Growth of Pakistan

[Article Number: SF-2019-92]

Gayatri Shah

General Survey on Gastro-intestinal Helminth Parasites of Channa species at Biratnagar, Morang, Eastern Nepal

[Article Number: SF-2019-93]

Anirban Roy

Ecological History of Puruliya District: A Geographical Study of Subaltern Space

[Article Number: SF-2019-94]

Anum Javed, Muhammad Usman, Nimra Akram, Sonaina Kanwal, Ibtasam Riaz & Syed Muneeb Haider

Nigella sativa a Potent Healer for Diabetic Wounds and Its Other Pharamcognosal Attributes