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International Journal of Scientific Footprints IJSF is an open access and fast peer reviewed journal which aims to facilitate the researchers in disseminating the outcome of their research and new advancements in scientific research and publishes biannually. The journal seeks to publish quality articles dealing with Agricultural and Social sciences.

IJSF welcomes submission of manuscripts that meet general criteria of importance and scientific excellence. The manuscripts are peer reviewed (double blind peer review procedure) by the experts of the field globally and published online after acceptance. The author(s) of the paper are requested to please read the Guidelines for Submission before submitting manuscript and fast journal publication. Manuscript sent other than the required format of IJSF will be sent back to the author for improvement. Our policy is always try to facilitate our valuable author(s) by publishing their research in the shortest possible time span.

Publication Process

The publication process of IJSF is swift. Soon after receiving the manuscript, an acknowledgment receipt is sent to the corresponding author. The manuscript is desk reviewed by the editor in chief and his associates to verify its relevance with journal’s scope. Manuscripts that do fall into the scope of the journal and if it is felt that they are not of high enough priority are rejected without peer review. This fast review process at editorial level means that authors are given a quick decision and do not need to wait for the review process.

Manuscripts that are not immediately rejected are sent out for peer review, usually to two independent reviewers of the relevant field. Based on the feedback from these reviewers and the Editors’ judgment a decision is communicated on the manuscript. If improvements are suggested by the reviewer(s), the comments are communicated to the corresponding author of the manuscript. The improved version received is then reviewed by journal’s own reviewing committee. Before final acceptance, the page proofs are sent to the corresponding author for final approval. Major changes are not accepted in page proof phase.

Fast Publishing Journal

IJSF is a journal with fast review process because of its own permanent reviewing team. The whole process takes 5-7days, depending upon the author’s response in case of improvements are required in the manuscript.

Why Publish with IJSF

  • Publication within a short period after acceptance i.e fast acceptance journal.
  • Journal with fast review procedure
  • Online manuscript submission.
  • Updates about your manuscript delivered via e mail.
  • Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal.
  • Papers abstract/indexed by major scientific indexing services.
  • Original article will be download (PDF) from the www.scientificfootprints.com

Material Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in International Journal of Scientific Footprints are those of the authors and contributors. These do not necessarily reflect those of the Society of Scientific Footprints, the editors, the editorial board and the organization to which the authors are affiliated

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